Jamberry Nail Wraps – New Designs & Application

For those of you that know, I have been using Jamberry nail wraps for about a month now and I really love them. I have bitten my nails my entire life and just started doing gel nails this past year to keep me from biting and picking.

My friend Heather introduced me to Jamberry, so I decided to order some to give it a shot. There was a special promotion going on Buy 3 Nail Sheets Get 1 Free, so it was $50 for 4 sheets, which is a great deal.
From what she told me initially 1 Nail Wrap Sheet will cover 2 full hand manicures and 1 peticure for your toes. Not to shabby.

Tonight I completed my second application of my Jamberry nails and thought to share how it went with you.
For those of you that haven’t used them, you can get an idea, if it is something you want to try. My first pair stayed on for two weeks.

Below is my current collection of Jamberry Nail Wraps. I love blues / greens / purples / pinks. Oh and I am getting into golds too.


I am not going to get into the entire Jamberry Nail Application process, but wanted to share a few before and after photos with you.

The first photo below shows you how great my nails look after taking off an application of Nail Wraps, getting ready to put another pair. My nails are extremely strong ( and long ). I actually had to trim them back a bit. I have to tell you, these Jamberry Nail Wraps really do prevent me from biting and picking at my nails. You can see how much nail I have and how clean my cuticles look. ( They usually don’t look like this. I am sorry I don’t have a before photo to show you. )

Jamberry Nails Wraps - Before Photo Jamberry Nails Wraps - Starting cleaning your nails
jamberrynails-inprogress-scissors jamberrynail-wraps---2-sheets-hand jamberry-nailwraps1

The final product is here. I have cute pink faded nails with an accent #Zendoodle nails for my artsy side.
What do you think? Mixing designs is fun. Some women mix 2 or 3 nail wraps on each hand and completing the same design on the other. What would you do?

In the upcoming weeks, I will be giving away some free nail wraps for those that LIKE Active Vixen’s Jamberry Nail Wraps Facebook Page. Be sure to you qualify to win.

If you have any questions about these nail wraps – how to put them on, take them off or how long they last – don’t hesitate to write. I am a straight shooter and will always give you my honest opinion and advice.

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