Winter 2014 – Jackets, Hats & Scarves

For those of you who know me, I love jackets. I may have a jacket problem. I love Patagonia jackets. Who can own enough, really? Whether you are a jacket fanatic like me or not, there are plenty of ways of looking good while staying warm.

Tip #1 – Wear a jacket that fits you

If you wear an oversized jacket – it is going to make you look frumpy.
If you are holding on to a winter jacket you have owned for years that may be a little to short on your hips or even worn – you should think about letting it go. Look for a jacket that isn't too big or to small. Okay – well what does that mean? When you try on winter jackets make sure you can comfortably wear a longsleeve shirt or sweater underneith it. If that feels good to you, then it probably isn't too small. How do you test if a jacket is too big? Put the jacket on and pull the sleeves out towards your finger tips. If the sleeves extend further than half way past your thumb that jacket 'may' be too big. Another sign – put the coat on and zip it up. Grab the side of the jacket ' like you are grabbing for loose clothing'. If you can pull more than 6"-8" out – it is probably too large.

Wearing a jacket that is the right size for you – allows you to be more comfortable and look more shapely during the winter months. Don't knock that you have a great body – you should show it off – in the right ways. Finding the right jacket style, weight and size will boost your confidence for sure.

Below are a few super cute jacket styles that may interest you:

Artic Fur Windcheater


Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket


Love this jacket+scarf duo.



Tip #2 – Matching Hat for Jacket

Okay – so you have found your perfect jacket – now what? Go to your local TJMaxx or Marshalls and pick up a cute matching hat! I bet you can find one for under $20. ( Yes, I am a Maxinista ) I have a fantastic Red puffy coat, which I wear a white ski hat with that has red accents in it – it is adorable and I get compliments everytime I wear it. Buying a cute hat is easy to add a bit more pep to your step.

Ivory Knit Hat

Pom Pom Knit Hat

Newsboy Crochet Hat


Tip #3 – Scarves are back in style!

If you have any old scarves laying around – it is your lucky day – they are back and there are a ton of websites that show you how to wear them different ways. Today, I actually watched a video on Facebook on 10 different ways you can wear different types of scarves, based on the weight and material. It was brillant. I posted it below so you ladies can check it out. Put your glass of wine down and go look for those scarves! As I mentioned above there are a ton of resources on different ways to style them. I will post related links below.

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