Day 1 - Skiing at Smuggs

Day 1 of ski season

Today marks the 21st season I have been skiing in Vermont. ( Trying to figure out my age, you will probably need a bit more information. ) Although I grew up skiing at Jay Peak Resort in northern Vermont I have ventured my way to several mountains across the state and throughout New England. My skis have carved the steep runs of Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire and I have actually skied the face of White Face Mountain in New York ( that was a trip! ).

This season I will be spending my time between Jay Peak Resort and Smuggler’s Notch Resort.
Both mountains have a variety of terrain – long groomer runs, the bumps, known and unknown woods skiing.
Personally, I like a little bit of everything. It really depends on the wind and snow conditions, also what I feel like that day.

The photo below is from today my first day out on the hill. There was very little wind on the ski trails that were open but it was groomed well no too crowded, so I was happy about that.

Day 1 - Skiing at Smuggs

Day 1 – Skiing at Smuggs

Vermont is a wonderful place to live. The skiing is fantastic, but I truly love the being at the mountain for so many more reasons. The air is so fresh and crisp, I look forward to the experience every year. It truly allows me to clear my head. Not having to think of the busy work week or other stress. The snow. Who doesn’t love those thick big flakes falling from the sky. Being on the mountain during a storm is magically to me. All of the trees heavily drapped in snow. You always seem to think how strong are those branches – every year – when you see inches and inches of snow and ice on them. It is absolutely beautiful and one of the most memorable parts of the ski seasons in Vermont for me.

As you can see in the picture above – the mountains are starting to get snow. Even though there were a few trails available the rest of the mountain was certainly not as covered as it will be in December / January. Only something to look forward to in the upcoming ski season. I am sure you will see additional photos and updates from my ski season. More beautiful pictures of the Vermont Ski Resorts and mountains to come!

Until then – stay warm and be active.


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