DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses

DIY Hand-Painted Bird Houses

This project was so much fun.

I wanted to share with you more details and a few more pictures!

DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses

Painting DIY Bird Houses DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses - Hanging


  • Plywood – Standard core material
  • Acrylic Paint – Base color and design
  • Dowels – Bird stand
  • Washi Tape! – Design
  • Screws / Nails ( To hold in place on post / tree & swing the front open to clean bird house )

We had all of these items on hand except the dowels – get crafty and creative and see what left over materials you have hanging around the house! If you have to go out and buy these items – it doesn’t cost that much.

The full project building plan will be released soon! Check back again soon.


Fees are not collected for building plans – however we gracious accept donations for Green Across The World, which is a non profit organization that support high school students studying the environment in their home state, and also in other partnering countries across the world.  These proceeds supports their learning and travel needs.   This organization is based in Vermont, however rapidly growing and appreciate any donation you can make.

Donations can be made here, via Pay Pal. $2, $5, $10, etc. anything is appreciated.

We have few grants and our programs run based on contributions and support from local community members, like you. 



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