About Me

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A little bit about me:

My name is Meagan – 30 something. 😉

Mom of 2 cats – Pixel and Kokomo

Recently married in 2015 to kind, hardworking husband – who cleans and cooks.
Very lucky and fortunate to have him in my life.

Living on 5 acres glorious estate in northern Vermont, where we have the privilege to garden and landscape all we want.
Maintaining our 10 established wine grape vines – building our vineyard and learning about viticulture has been very rewarding.

For fun, I ski in the winters, play softball and garden in the summers.
Love the lake, being on the water and simply enjoying the beautiful weather.

A true creative, I love to paint, draw, design graphic art, build things.
Give me a challenge and I will take it on.

Looking to do more landscape design – you will see more posts in 2016 around that!


We live a simple life and appreciate all that we have.