Garden Trellis – Cucumbers, Tomatoes, etc.

This week, my husband and I made these awesome cucumber trellis. Trying to save a bit of money – with our handing building and design skills – we went for it! After lots of research on Pinterest, we knew we wanted to make one out of wood and found a great pin with using cloths […]


DIY Hand-painted Bird Houses

DIY Hand-Painted Bird Houses

This project was so much fun. I wanted to share with you more details and a few more pictures!      Materials: Plywood – Standard core material Acrylic Paint – Base color and design Dowels – Bird stand Washi Tape! – Design Screws / Nails ( To hold in place on post / tree & […]

Jamberry Nail Wraps – New Designs & Application

For those of you that know, I have been using Jamberry nail wraps for about a month now and I really love them. I have bitten my nails my entire life and just started doing gel nails this past year to keep me from biting and picking. My friend Heather introduced me to Jamberry, so […]



Hand-Painted Wooden Coat Hanger

It was last Sunday actually I was feeling a bit crafty, after we brought home a $14 wooden coat hanger from TJMaxx. The coat hanger has 4 hooks on it, one actually feel off, so we got it on sale. My fiance had no problem screwing it back on so we took it. We brought […]

Winter 2014 – Jackets, Hats & Scarves

For those of you who know me, I love jackets. I may have a jacket problem. I love Patagonia jackets. Who can own enough, really? Whether you are a jacket fanatic like me or not, there are plenty of ways of looking good while staying warm. Tip #1 – Wear a jacket that fits you […]


Day 1 - Skiing at Smuggs

Day 1 of ski season

Today marks the 21st season I have been skiing in Vermont. ( Trying to figure out my age, you will probably need a bit more information. ) Although I grew up skiing at Jay Peak Resort in northern Vermont I have ventured my way to several mountains across the state and throughout New England. My […]